Welcome to LUSS (Lancaster University Speleological Society)!

The society has existed since 1967 and was once the most prestigious in the UK with many caving credits to its name. Until the 1980s, LUSS was very active in original explorations in the Yorkshire Dales, the eastern Picos of Spain (where they explored Sima 56 to a depth of 1169 m) and other locations. Thanks to alumni the society was resurrected and we now regularly go caving to the Yorkshire Dales area and run socials throughout the year from bouldering to ice-skating!

We’re looking out for more members, both experienced and inexperienced! Why not join us?

Join us on LUSU (Lancaster University Students Union):  https://lancastersu.co.uk/groups/lancaster-university-speleological-society

Find us on Facebook to keep updated about when trips and events are on: Lancaster University Speleological Society

Find us on Instagram: @luss_caving

Email us: speleological.su@groups.lancaster.ac.uk

A huge thanks to many local people and organisations who have enabled us to return. Particular thanks goes out to the Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs, who provided invaluable help and experience as well as donating kit which now forms a significant amount of the clubs current equipment (including oversuits, helmets, lights, wellies, knee pads, chargers), the Red Rose caving club for providing a number of SRT kits and ladders, as well as the University of Nottingham Caving Club for their loan of two SRT kits. And last but not least the British Caving Association who have agreed to supply a further 4 SRT kits.  All of this gear is helping to ensure we are able to encourage more people caving and exploring underground.