2020-21 society introduction presentation

And we have finished – nice to meet everyone. Hopefully won’t be too long till its underground.

Yes we are still here. So – this is a bit later then we would normally do this considering its covid. But we’ve going to give a presentation about us caving at Lancaster University, followed by some online games. We’ll be starting at 2000 on Thursday 19th but feel free to join at any point. A link will appear at the top of the page while we are online. Whether you’ve been caving before or not, curious or want to ask some questions we are excited to tell you more and hear from you.

Final call for NCHECC tickets!

Northern CHECC is an amazing weekend up at Bullpot Farm in the Yorkshire Dales  where we meet up with loads of other caving clubs from across the North. There’s a choice of caving or partying going on – as well as some free workshops if you fancy learning anything (more information: ukcaving.com). Tickets cost £19 (excluding fuel + gear hire) from LUSU: https://lancastersu.co.uk/groups/lancaster-university-speleological-society/events/northern-checc-5b2c – but we need to know numbers now so sales will close this evening, so get them now!

You do additionally need BCA insurance and to be a paid member of the club, and feel free to ask any questions on our Facebook page.

More gear – thanks to the university friends funding programme

The society has been very fortunate and received a donation of £2,255 from the Lancaster University Friends Programme. The programme is part of the University’s fundraising activity which collects donations, primarily from previous Lancaster students, mainly through their telephone campaigns.  The programme then provides grants to a number of different projects and groups at Lancaster University. As a result of this, we will be able to shortly add some shiny new gear to our inventory – this should mean that we can take more of you on our trips, as well as expanding the sort of trips we are able to offer.

So once again a huge thank you to the University, and to anyone which has donated to the Friends Programme – and why not show them they have made a good choice by coming caving, building your confidence while learning new skills and having fun!

January give it a go trips update

Our give it a go trip on the 30th (see previous news: https://lancastercaving.co.uk/2019/01/16/more-give-it-a-go-trips/) has now sold out! Fortunately there are still some places left for the session on the 29th (https://lancastersu.co.uk/groups/lancaster-university-speleological-society/events/give-it-a-go-caving-29-1-19) so you can still come and have fun underground and see what caving is really like. We don’t just go and crawl down dark & damp tunnels – it is alot more fun than that! These give it a go sessions don’t require you to pay to become a member, include gear hire and are suitable for all. But if you have any questions about them do ask on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1933676873324193/

More give it a go trips!

Its the new year and time for a new start – so why not take up caving! We are running to beginner trips which require no prior experience on the evenings of the 29th and 30th of January. They cost £10 which includes transport from Lancaster University and all gear hire – although you will need to be wearing warm clothes which will get muddy and bring some snacks are strongly recommended. Sign ups are available now!

29.1.19 (Tuesday): https://lancastersu.co.uk/groups/lancaster-university-speleological-society/events/give-it-a-go-caving-29-1-19

30.1.19 (Wednesday): https://lancastersu.co.uk/groups/lancaster-university-speleological-society/events/give-it-a-go-caving-30-1-19

Hopefully we will see you at one (or both!) of them – in the event of any questions feel free to get in-touch with us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1933676873324193/

We won the CHECC grand prize!!

Last weekend a group of us went to the CHECC forum in the Peak District. It was a fun weekend of caving and some partying 😀 In case you hadn’t heard already we won the grand prize at the event consisting of a whole load of shiny new gear – a huge thanks to the other caving groups voting for us as well as the sponsors for the event (Myfenix, Peli UK, BUFF, Warmbac, SpanSet Ltd, Petzl) as well as UK Caving, CHECC, British Caving Association, other university clubs and everyone else who have given us a helping hand to get where we are, it could not have been done without you. Full information on UKcaving about the prize: https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=24338.0

And don’t worry if you missed out, at the end of March NCHECC (northernCHECC) will happen, and it will be another weekend of caving and socialising with other uni clubs. Dates will be confirmed soon! And in the meantime we’ll be going underground in the Dales – weather you’ve been caving with us before or not its the preferct time to come and join in with all this new gear – a huge thank you again to the sponsors, the people who voted and CHECC for hosting the event.

SRT training trip

And our SRT training trip has sold out! We’ll see everyone there, if you weren’t able to get tickets then don’t worry – we are expecting to run other SRT training sessions in the future.